How to dominate your website to the top of Google

How to dominate your website to the top of Google.
How well your site can be found by the targeted audience depends largely on the ranking factors that Google uses to rate their website. The better the
classification of the search engine, the higher your website slips in the result list.
Although it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand the evaluation criteria, Google’s goal has not changed over the years. It is still all about providing
the searcher with the answer to his question as quickly as possible.
Pay attention to a few keyword rules and Google is satisfied – that was once. It’s not that easy to outsmart Google.
In the past, much could be achieved with a user-friendly structure and the inclusion of relevant keywords. But that has now changed: Google is getting smarter
and now it is the case that the one factor for a better ranking has long ceased to exist. Rather, the interaction of several factors is important for the optimal
position. Factors that influence each other and whose optimal mix is ??to be met.
The most important thing at a glance
Content is King
For the ranking is no longer the optimization of individual subpages crucial, but the overall composition of a completely coherent website. A website
overloaded with keywords will not work unless Google gets the impression that high-quality, useful content is being provided.
Speed ??wins
Charging speed and a user-friendly design are also crucial. Slow pages are often ranked lower, although they would have earned a higher position in terms of
Higher ranking for current pages
Anyone who regularly updates the content of his site will be rewarded by Google – insofar as the user benefits from it. A good option is to include a blog or
“news” section that you should keep up to date with new news.
Quality feature: internal links
Internal links reveal how the subpages are interlinked and shed light on the structure of a website. In particular, those internal links that emanate from the main
page give Google a clear indication of the main themes of the page.
Interaction factors
The interaction factors have been particularly high since 2016. About Chrome, Google’s own browser, the search engine receives detailed information about the
user. Key metrics such as clickthrough rates, length of stay, or bounce rate give Google information about whether the user found what they were looking for.
Even interactions on individual pages influence the ranking in a positive way.
Backlinks are not the same
According to some experts backlinks have lost their effect. In the case of backlinks on index pages, this statement is also true. Also less effective is the link
exchange with partner pages or links that are positioned in the footer of the source page. On the other hand, high-quality backlinks – for example, from social
media sources with high interaction are still very relevant. A backlink is classified as high quality if it comes from trustworthy and heavily frequented sites.
In addition to the previous tips for optimizing pages, you do the most right, if you orientate yourself to the needs of your target group. Because the site is loved
by our customers, they also like Google. Not to be neglected is the HTTPS encryption, which has only been included in the evaluation since 2017.